Welcome to the first Workshop “Leveraging Learning Analytics to Identify and Overcome Barriers to MOOCs in a Foreign Language” (MOOCs in Foreign Languages) collocated with eMOOCs 2017.

In this workshop, we welcome research contributions on a range of areas such as:

    • How can learning analytics be used to identify MOOC participants whose first language is different from the language used in a course.
    • Do behaviours of speakers of other languages to the ones the MOOC is being offered differ from the native speakers?
    • Can learning analytics be used identify coping strategies?
    • Identifying code-switching in comments and forums.

We also would like to welcome practitioners experience on creating a MOOC related to language itself and creating MOOCs in different languages rather than English.

  • MOOCs devoted to language teaching and learning
  • Experiences offering support to learners who speak other languages
  • Challenges and opportunities of MOOC development in languages other than English

The workshop is also relevant to adaptivity and personalisation studies since platforms may use various approaches to enhance the user experience of foreign language speakers in a MOOC.

Our objective is to strengthen a network of researchers and practitioners on language issues of MOOCs and chart the future challenges in this space through practical activities.

This blog will be used to disseminate discussions prior and during the workshop.  As this topic is multidisciplinary, we welcome an audience from diverse backgrounds for a rich discussion. We are seeking ways of disseminating the contributions so they are widely accessible.